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Sugar-Free Chocolate Confections

While lots of wonderful candies have been created over the years, a whole segment of the population has been left out. Those that either need, or only want to have sugar-free confections. At the Bavarian we have committed ourselves to developing a number of delectable sugar-free treats that have the same appeal as our traditionally made candies. We have plans to continue developing this line, so check back periodically to see what's new. 
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** Note on Unit Pricing **

Candy and Gift Selections are sold either in ¼ pound Units, or priced individually.  See notation for each Candy or Gift Selection to see if that item is sold per ¼ pound, or priced as indicated.

** Special Allergy Warning **
While many of our confections are not made with nuts, we do use nuts in the kitchens and equipment used to make many of our confections. We cannot guarantee that any confection is entirely free of any exposure to nuts in one form or another.