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Chocolate Truffle Confections

Our Truffles are entirely hand-prepared. The exterior shells are made of either a Milk or Dark Chocolate (see individual descriptions below). The centers contain our own special recipe, best described as a deep dark chocolate ganache style concoction whipped to perfection, and infused with intense and aromatic flavors. We uniquely decorate each of our Truffles with additional decadent selections. The process is time-intensive, and requires loving attention throughout so that the flavors are coaxed to the perfect level of depth and ripeness, without becoming overpowering. This is the hallmark of our unique and one of a kind Truffles. We receive orders from all over the country from people who have never tasted any truffles elsewhere that compare to the festival of taste that make up our own. 
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** Note on Unit Pricing **

Candy and Gift Selections are sold either in ¼ pound Units, or priced individually.  See notation for each Candy or Gift Selection to see if that item is sold per ¼ pound, or priced as indicated.

** Special Allergy Warning **
While many of our confections are not made with nuts, we do use nuts in the kitchens and equipment used to make many of our confections. We cannot guarantee that any confection is entirely free of any exposure to nuts in one form or another.